Travelling with a dash of shenanigans

Over the years I have developed my own way of travelling which so I’m told is a little on the unusual side, and with that I sometime’s have rather bizarre or sometimes surreal experiences. I don’t research where I’m going very much at all, I just have enough information to get to a place maybe a few words such as please and thank you in the language of my chosen designation and just wing it from there. I don’t read guide books and plan a tick box itinerary, I don’t Google frantically trying to find what might interest me I simply pack my bag and book a ticket, which is sometimes one way and just see how it goes.

You may think this to be a little silly or even irresponsible, but it has a way of working out. I actually wouldn’t suggest you do the same thing its just the way I tend to do it. And because I do things this way, when I get to my destination I have little expectations as I don’t know what is there and everything in a sense is a surprise. The views I have of a place are wholly my own as I didn’t read or research to much so my point of view is not polluted  by somebody else’s that I have read.

So with such an approach to things you can imagine that the circumstances I find myself in can be rather odd, I also have silly personal quests that I come up with. For example in New Zealand I tried to find a cheese pasty, which I never did, some days I simply try to turn left at the end of every  road and see where I end up, or I  pick a fast food outlet and every town I go to I look for it, secretly hoping it does not exist and see where I end up. I think you get the idea now.

If someone contacts me and says they would like me to visit I don’t like to say no as I view that as a missed opportunity if I don’t visit. So as you can now imagine I have had a lot of shenanigans over the years with this approach, so my web guy Jeff will pick storeys that he feels the term shenanigans fit’s well and put them in this section of my site.


noun informal – silly or high-spirited behaviour; mischief

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Legless Wanderer

At the age of 17 I was taken on as an electrical apprentice at Teesside steel works and developed a passion for all things in the engineering world, but then things changed. After a serious road traffic accident in 2001 and after enduring many surgeries to repair my leg with years of physio, I decided in 2006 to have my leg amputated. It took almost two years to persuade the hospital to amputate my leg and I have never looked back. I knew from past experience that traveling was the best form of rehab for me not just physically but mentally also. Within months of chopping off my leg I was travelling again all be it for short trips. Eventually 18 months after my amputation I went and trained as a PADI Divemaster in Thailand, the rest as they say is history.

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