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Everybody, at some stage in their lives, goes through problems and issues. Sometimes these issues and problems recur. Sometimes we can shake them off and move on. And sometimes we cannot, and the pain stays with us like an ever increasing burden. And under this burden, it can be ever more difficult for us to function normally, let alone be at our best.

ray-inspires-quadIn 1980, I was told that I had Hodgkin’s disease – cancer of the lymph glands, which I managed to beat after radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Life was great again, but it changed completely in 1987 when I contracted septicaemia which led to me losing my four limbs – legs below the knee, one arm through the elbow and the other 100mm below the elbow. The amputations were carried out at Hammersmith Hospital on Friday 13th March, which is superstitious for many of us. I just felt like giving up and lost the will to live, but I kept thinking of my twins Michael and Diana who were only 9 months old, so I had to fight for them and luckily won the battle. I now look at Friday 13th as the day I was saved.

I formed ‘Ray Inspires’, my way of inspiring people through motivational and inspirational speaking. In April 2010 I set up Limbcare Limited a company that is now a charity that aims to help and support limb impaired people all over the world.

If you are considering event, function or corporate meeting planned ahead and you would like to inspire your colleagues, employees, pupils or friends to achieve more. Who better than a quad amputee that has climbed Kilimanjaro, flown a plane, rides a motorcycle, acted on a prime time TV program and has inspired 100’s by his achievements to be your guest speaker?



I was also been awarded an MBE for  being an inspiration to all amputees and the limb impaired!

If I can give just a fraction of Inspiration to others to achieve their goals, I am the one who will be truly inspired.

Ray Edwards MBE.



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