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Testing out the new diving leg!

Well, I’m really looking forward to this trip for several reasons one is that I will be testing out the new diving leg another is that I’m meeting up with some guys I met on a previous BlueOTwo Livaboard and of course diving the red Sea.
I have dived with BlueOTwo 8 times now and they never disappoint, the first time I dived with these guys was 5 years ago with that Monty Halls bloke from the television on the blue horizon, I found it a daunting experience at the time as I had only been a diver for a year and it was my first livaboard but the crew and dive guides really know what they are doing and are very intuitive and the boat is simply excellent.

I have found that these livaboards are good place to test out my new dive legs as there is a lot of variety in the dive sites and dive types not to mention different entries. I have had a couple of mild injures in the past which was what motivated me to build a scuba leg that would not cause me any injuries. The last leg I tested here was the MKV leg which was useless under the water and could only use one fin, but for a change I didn’t get hurt walking round with the gear on and these are the kind of things that I learn by trial and error, but what a nice place to learn!!

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At the age of 17 I was taken on as an electrical apprentice at Teesside steel works and developed a passion for all things in the engineering world, but then things changed. After a serious road traffic accident in 2001 and after enduring many surgeries to repair my leg with years of physio, I decided in 2006 to have my leg amputated. It took almost two years to persuade the hospital to amputate my leg and I have never looked back. I knew from past experience that traveling was the best form of rehab for me not just physically but mentally also. Within months of chopping off my leg I was travelling again all be it for short trips. Eventually 18 months after my amputation I went and trained as a PADI Divemaster in Thailand, the rest as they say is history.

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