no-limitsWelcome to ‘The Legless Wanderer’, I’m a below knee amputee of seven years and have travelled more as an amputee than I ever did when I had two legs, what I would like to see is more people traveling off the beaten track, forget the resorts and lying on a sun beds take a wander for yourself.

Through this blog you will discover how to make your life easier as a disabled traveller and it will hopefully encourage you to have a wander yourself and create your own story.

I’ve  learned a lot simply by trial and error and after a total of almost three years traveling and lots of mishaps and frustrations I’m sure that I can help make your life easier when it comes to traveling with a disability.

Over the course of this blog I will cover everything that I can think of, ranging from how to deal with airports, luggage, tools I bring, legs I use & not to mention the minor repairs along the way.

I don’t know everything but I do know that you get round most problems even if it means resorting to hose clips and super glue to get you going again.


James Wilson
…The Legless Wanderer